"DIY" Water Audit Schools



Ref No: OWR 9700 December 1997

DIY schoolsOur job at Dwr Cymru Welsh Water is to make sure that there is enough water for everyone, whenever they want it, whatever the weather, whatever the time of day or year.


Dwr Cymru collects, cleans and delivers 1,000 million litres of water a day to homes, schools, offices and factories across Wales.


This "DIY" Water Audit leaflet shows you how to use water more wisely both at school and at home. It is surprising, but with just a little more thought it is easy to reduce the amount of water we use.


Water is the world's most common and yet most remarkable substance. It covers three-quarters of the earth's surface and has many extraordinary properties. Without water there is nothing.


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Did you know?

  • We each use 150 litres of clean treated water every day.
  • Over one third of the water we use at home goes down the toilet - each flush can use between 6 and 13 litres of water depending on the size of the toilet cistern.
  • This increases to two thirds in schools for toilet and urinal flushing.
  • A running tap can use up to 9 litres of water a minute.
  • A dripping tap can waste up to 30 litres of water a day.
  • A washing machine uses up to 80 litres of water per cycle whether its full or not, and a dishwasher between 22 and 35 litres per cycle.
  • A bath uses up to 80 litres of water and a shower 35 litres of water. A power shower (one with a pump) can use almost the same amount of water as a bath.
  • Garden sprinklers use an enormous amount of water, up to 650 litres per hour as much as one person would use in 4 day.


where is this used?

In a typical school In a typical house



Ideas to save water

Use the checklist below, and see if you can spot any ways to save water at your school.


Things that can waste water


  • Do the urinals in the boys toilets flush all the time - even when school is closed?
    If yes, ask if this is necessary.
  • Are any of the taps in the cloakroom dripping or overflows running?
    If yes, can the washers be replaced or overflow fixed?
  • Do you have our "Save water" stickers fixed above the hand basins?
  • Does your canteen always use the dishwasher/ washing machine fully loaded?
  • Do they always put the plug in the sink when washing vegetables?
  • Does your school use a water sprinkler?
    What could you use instead?
  • Are the water pipes properly covered to prevent them freezing in cold weather?
    What could happen if they are not?

Contact 01874 614523 if you would like some stickers.



Does your school have a water leak?

  • Find out where the school water meter is.
  • Read it as school finishes at night - enter the reading.
  • Read it as school starts in the morning - enter the reading.
    How much was used overnight?
  • If there is a large difference there may be a leaking pipe.
  • After dry sunny days are there wet patches in the school grounds?
    If yes, could this be a leaking pipe?

Your caretaker can ring Freephone 0800 281432 to report a suspected leaking pipe.



Water use per day

How much water do you use at school each day?


  • Read the meter as school starts in the morning - enter the reading.
  • Read the meter again as school finishes - enter the reading.
  • How much water has your school used during the day?
  • So, how much water does each pupil use each day?