If you're a non-household customer of ours, and your annual consumption is more than 50Ml (million litres) you may be eligible to choose your provider of water retail services (billing, customer service, etc).

If you do choose to switch, your new retailer will be in touch with us to make the necessary arrangements.

Under current legislation, most of our customers don't have a choice of retailer service providers. Our aim is to provide you with the best possible level of customer trust and satisfaction, and we're regularly compared to other water companies to ensure that we're providing you with excellent service.

Wholesale and network access

We own and maintain all the pipes that bring clean water to you and take away your dirty water. Other water retailers can purchase water from our ‘wholesale’ business to sell on to their large customers. Our wholesale charges document (see below) explains how we charge for this service. Similarly, other companies with access to water resources are able to apply to transport water through our network to supply large customers. For more detail, see our Network Access Code, and Access Prices documents below.

For any enquiries about accessing our network, please contact our Wholesale Service Centre:

Dŵr Cymru Welsh Water
Wholesale Service Centre
PO Box 3164
CF30 0FF

0800 260 5053 (24 hours)



Water trading

In February 2016, we published our Water Trading and Procurement Code (see below). It was the first such code to be approved by Ofwat. The code sets out our approach to water trading, and explains how we ensure that any water trading benefits the environment and our customers.


Wholesale charges 2016-17

Wholesale charges 2017-18

Water trading documents