Open Water
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Changes for Business Customers in 2017

From April 2017, all business customers  served by water and sewerage companies based wholly or mainly in England will be able to choose who supplies their water and wastewater (also known as ‘sewerage’) retail services. Retail services include billing and meter reading.  At the moment, only business customers who use more than 5 mega litres of water at a single site can choose their retailer of water and wastewater services in England.

Welsh Water business customers, using more than 50ML of water at a single site per year, including business customers located in Herefordshire and communities along the English border but served by Welsh Water, are already able to switch their clean water supplier but not their waste water service or trade effluent supplier. This will continue to be the case after April 2017.  We will need to apply the new rules when dealing with these largest business customers (i.e. those who use more than 50ML of water at a single site per year).

What the opening of the market in England will mean for Welsh Water business customers

While the rules determining whether a Welsh Water business customer can switch supplier are unchanged the rules governing how the market will operate for those customers who are able to switch are changing. These rules determine how businesses will work together to support the new market place. More information is available from the Open Water website.

How we are getting ready

To be ready for the new market we are making some changes and will be in contact with all business customers who are affected by these changes before October 2016.