Open Water Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why are the changes in England not happening in Wales?

The Welsh Government has responsibility for deciding the scope of the competitive market in Wales, and has decided that the competitive retail market will not be expanded in Wales at this time (ie. that only business customers using more than 50 ML of water at a single site per year is eligible to switch supplier). 

Q. What about the Scottish Market?

All businesses in Scotland have been able to switch supplier since 2008. The changes being introduced in 2017 do not affect the Scottish market.

Q. If I use less than 50ML of water each year can I switch supplier?

No, as is currently the case, only Welsh Water’s largest business customers using more than 50ML at a single site each year are able to switch their water supplier.

Q. Can I switch my household water services?

No, the changes being introduced in April 2017 do not introduce a retail market for domestic customers.  Ofwat is separately considering whether there should be changes for household customers, and will publish a report on this during the next few months.

Q. How do I know if I am using more than 50ML each year?

To find out whether you use more than 50ML please contact us using the general enquiry form.

Q. When will the Market go live?

The Market is expected to go live in April 2017, and will be in shadow operation from 3 October 2016 (which means that the new processes are being tested by water and sewerage companies).

Q. Who is responsible for delivering the new Market?

The following organisations are responsible for delivering the new market are: